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Weekly Crypto Market Insights – 21st November

Weekly Crypto Markets Insights
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The 4th edition of Weekly Crypto Market Insights is here with the latest of past week's news.
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Last week the crypto market marked a slowdown and wait-and-see approach from the industry. After the many bank runs and scale-downs on crypto, it let things settle and calm down a bit, leading the global crypto market to shrink by just -3.35%. As expected, exchange trading volumes were down following a volatile week. Bitcoin went under the $16k mark, and ETH is now trading at $1,120.

The most noteworthy news are mostly around FTX collapse and contagion (creditors are awaiting $3.1 billion, Alameda’s secret exemption from liquidity protocol, etc.); a few crypto hedge funds stated their (optimistic) opinion about crypto; Trump is back on Twitter, and Bloomberg Terminal’s 50 Crypto Assets, among others.

Key Market Metrics

Global Crypto Market Cap is at $ 830 Billion, a -3.35% change WoW. The total value locked in DeFi is at $ 41.20 Billion, a decline of -3.35% WoW.
Crypto exchanges leaderboard:
  1. Binance down by -55%
  2. Coinbase down by -55%
  3. Kraken down by -51%
  4. Binance.US enters the leaderboard, down by -64%
  5. KuCoin down by -65%
BTC trading at $15,973 down by -1.07% WoW, dominance at 40.95%, ETH trading at $1,120, dominance at 18.23%.

Top Gainers & Losers

Top gainers and losers in price, ranked by their total market cap are mentioned below.
Top gainers in price this week were: LEO by +14.13%, OKB by 13.82%, APE by 10.42%, AR by 9.62%, and  LIDO by 9.32%.
Top losers were: NEAR by -17.76%, CRV by -15.72%, AXS by -13.61%, ETHW by -12.74%, and MANA by -11.77%.

Recap of the Most Noteworthy News of Past Week

We hope you found these weekly crypto market insights helpful preparing for the week ahead.
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