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TOKEN 2049 Singapore – What to expect

Aug 19 2022
Crypto Community
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One of the most significant crypto events in Asia is almost here. Gravity Team is sharing with you its agenda, main guest speakers, and what to expect in what will definitely be an unforgettable event.
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About TOKEN 2049 Singapore

TOKEN 2049 Singapore will occur on the 28th and 29th of September at the iconic Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. It is annually organized both in London and Singapore, addressing in proximity the European and Asian crypto markets. 

According to Yahoo Finance, Raphael Strauch, Founder of TOKEN 2049, justified the location chosen: “Within the past few months, the crypto ecosystem has seen a whirlwind of change and growth, and it’s only befitting that we’re gathering in Singapore — one of the region’s leading innovation hubs — to celebrate how far we’ve come.”.

As ​​Aleksander Leonard Larsen from Axie Infinity previously said, “TOKEN2049 has set the bar for in-person events.”, so it isn’t a shocker to say that the expectations are quite high. This is a large-scale conference composed of:

  • 3,000+ attendees;
  • 150+ speakers;
  • 150+ exhibitors;
  • 100+ journalists.

What to expect at TOKEN 2049 Singapore

Picture Credits: TOKEN 2049 

TOKEN 2049 is proud to be a premier crypto event aiming to gather the biggest names in Web3 to host conversations discussing:

  • Global crypto developments;
  • Web3 ecosystem;
  • Industry’s opportunities

Besides panel conversations and fireside talks, TOKEN 2049 Singapore will also have specific networking events, meetups, and workshops to give attendees a more hands-on learning experience. According to the event’s official website, there will be “unparalleled networking opportunities”.

What to expect at TOKEN 2049 Singapore

Picture Credits: TOKEN 2049 

One of the conference’s goals is to attract as many industry stakeholders as possible. They can either be small entrepreneurs, investors, industry opinion leaders, or established developers. Anyone is welcomed and can benefit from the event’s insights. 

TOKEN 2049 is the flagship event of Asia Crypto Week taking place from the 26th of September to the 2nd of October. During this week, other events will occur, including the F1 Singapore Grand Prix and more networking drinks and parties, such as the Ce La Vie closing party.


As Santiago R. Santos said, “TOKEN2049 brings together crypto-native and institutional minds to produce high-quality and engaging discussions.” and that’s exactly what you might expect from this year’s Singapore event. 

We will now dive into the specific topics and conversations taking place on each day of the event. Most panel talks will revolve around:

  • Metaverse; 
  • DeFi; 
  • Global Macro; 
  • Web3; 
  • DAOs, and many more.

1st day, 28th of September

On the first day, the first session starts at 9:45 am, with the day closing at 6:05 pm. Some of the topics approached will be Metaverse, Gaming, and DeFi. Here are some of the conversations that are absolutely worth attending:

  • Play-to-Earn: The Future of Gaming;
  • DeFi: The New World of Open Finance;
  • The Multichain Future. 

2nd day, 29th of September

On this last day, some conversations will touch on the topics of regulatory measures, trading, and the future of crypto, such as:

  • Regulatory Advances in Crypto;
  • Trade Finance and Lending in the Crypto Age;
  • The Future of Crypto: Navigating the Decade Ahead.


Many of the guest speakers have been confirmed, and they genuinely don’t disappoint as many industry’s big names will be attending and sharing their views. However, most guest speakers belong to the crypto industry since there are barely any speakers from Government, the Entertainment, or the Sports industries. 

To name a few guest speakers:

Regarding the tickets, there will be three different categories:

  • Early Bird, in limited quantity for $499;
  • Happy Bird, for those that have missed the Early Bird, with a price tag of $999;
  • Late Bird for US$1,499
  • Special Access Pass, for $3,999.

We hope you found this article insightful and that you got to know better what to expect from the TOKEN 2049 Singapore conference. If you’re curious to learn more about other landmarking crypto events in 2022 or insights from past conferences, check Gravity Team’s blog!

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