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NFT NYC 2022 – Conference Summary

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NFT NYC was all about…well, NFTs! 16,000 visitors, including high-profile crypto personalities & top celebrities & gathered across venues spread around the Times Square for the leading annual NFT event.
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NFT NYC is the annual leading NFT conference that first started off with a small group of meetings in 2019, and since their events have hosted 20,000+ attendees.

From June 20th to 23rd, it welcomed over 1,500 speakers and 16,000 attendees & made NYC a hub for art, music, film, gaming, fashion, and many more industry-themed NFTs.

The conference included over 100 keynotes, panels, workshop sessions, exclusive side events, a hackathon for NFT applications, and The NFT Awards, among others.

The hosts, Patrick Monahan and Cem, walked along the podium daily alongside many well-known celebrities, business people, and art collectors.

This year, NFT NYC has sold over $1 million worth of NFTs. The company plans to use the proceeds from sales to help fund the platform’s development and expand its team.


Image credits: NFTNYC

NFT NYC Week In Numbers

  • 16,000 attendees
  • 1,500 speakers
  • 5 venues spread around Times Square
  • Over 20 categories of subjects, such as sport, fashion, film, games, art, music, and DAOs, to name a few
  • Lots of parties, side events, and fireside chats 
  • Over 100 panel talks, workshops, and social events
  • 220 spotlight artists

nft nyc in numbers

Image credits: NFTNYC

NFT NYC Agenda 

Over a 100 talks were held during the NFT conference on topics ranging from general, art, film, music, gaming, sports, social, fashion, collector, legal, ticketing, and finance. In the following section, we present select highlights from each day. 

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Image credits: NFTNYC

20th June

The first day of the NFT conference NYC started with a workshop, where participants learned how to create their own white-label NFT marketplace with a simple email or social sign-up.

The workshop  “How To Create Your Own NFT Marketplace?” was hosted by NFT. Kred and the speaker invited was Michael Battaglia from NFT.Kred-  Customer Success Manager. 

21st June 

Coinbase hosted the opening of the second day, welcoming founders such as Devin Finzer, the Co-Founder & CEO of OpenSea, Jodee Rich, the CEO of PeopleBrowsr, and Cameron Bale, the Director of Marketing and Product Development of NFT.Kred

The Future of Decentralization of NFT: APENFT, TRON, and BitTorrent

Speaker Yuliana Bravo – presented APENFT, an NFT-focused social platform, and marketplace, being the world’s first NFT art foundation to support cross-over purchases and connect the world-class art with the Web3 metaverse. 

APENFT is building a bridge to connect top-notch artists with the creators’ world. APENFT aims to create collections available through a curated online exhibition on the Tron metaverse. 

Because the blockchain allows for economic diversity by converting top artists or their art into NFTs, it helps promote the art pieces and host them differently. 

Yuliana highlighted that APENFT is “the art for the people.”

APENFT describes BitTorrent File Sharing as their secret weapon. BTFS are fully decentralized content storage and the delivery system powered by Torrent P2P network and the BTT token where users can rent and purchase decentralized storage space. 

Because BTFS aims to shape a digital future free of overarching controls and content censorship, APENFT applies BTFS to ensure data and resources related to NFT are protected and reliable. 

Bored Ape Culture Club: Advancing Art and Culture through NFTs 

Nik Kalyani announced during his speech the Nifty Dreams DAO for artists. Its mission is to be able to make a living only using its art. The DAO will provide all the required resources so artists can focus only on their art without worrying about Marketing, PR, organizing events, etc. 

Nifty Dreams DAO will fund and sponsor their first project, the Bored Ape Culture Club. The idea behind the Bored Ape Culture Club is to use its popularity to advance art and culture in Web3. 

How does it work? Any Ape can join the DAO and create a challenge where artists worldwide can create a derivate of their Ape. Then, based on the quality of the art, artists are selected and awarded tokens. So the DAO will have a single Nifty Dream DAO token that will align incentives for artists, galleries, museums, and art investors. The Nifty Dreams DAO will sell these in the secondary market to make the Bored Ape brand more accessible to the general public. 

22nd June 

Bringing NFTs to the Mainstream

Kenneth Haugaard from Venly discussed Venly. It described its platform as an infrastructure platform between the blockchain and the app, allowing projects to interact easily between Web2 and Web3. 

They do that through different methods: wallet services, NFT marketplace, and NFT  management:

  1. Wallet solutions: a wallet widget with a semi-branded user experience. The wallet API is a fully API integrated into the app, fully customizable, and white labeled.
  2. NFT marketplace offers a peer-to-peer transaction on the vendor market for trading purposes, offering a white-label solution fully customizable to the brand’s native applications.

NFT management: purchasing NFTs can be challenging for a newbie on Web2, so Kenneth presented their solution, automatically creating a wallet with their social login credentials making a more efficient and seamless experience for the new user. 

23rd June

The final day of NFT NYC included many other panel talks, such as:

  • How to Build a Marketplace for Your Brand’s NFTs
  • The Consumer Consumption Journey of NFTs
  • Map-2-Earn: The first Decentralized 3D Map of the World
  • Project NFT Investment in Key Areas
  • NFTs for Law and Enterprise

The last day also brought a Fireside Chat with Caroline Fairchild, Editor in Chief of BFF,  Riley Blackwell, Community Coordinator of BFF, and Sheila Lirio Marcelo, the Co-founder & CEO of Proof Of Learn. 

The Fireside Chat was about strategic partnerships and community building focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

All the discussions revolved around NFTs, from fashion, music, and sport to art, metaverse, and blockchain. 

Side Events 

Madonna’s Performance at The World of Women NFT NYC Afterparty

Madonna performed at the WoW (World Of Women) NFT NYC after-party and showed her support to the NFT Community, women and to celebrate female empowerment. She proudly announced her performance at the launch event, spoke about the purchase of the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT, and collaboration on other NFT projects.

Image credits: NFTNYC

Mojitoverse After Party

The Mojitoverse after party was organized by Serotonin, CAA, and Sotheby’s. 


Image credits: NFTNYC 

Coachella NFT Party

Coachella also organized a party during NFT NYC to showcase and strengthen their ties with the crypto world. Coachella has been previously sponsored by FTX, as well as has its own set of NFTs, named Coachella Keys Collection. 

Coachella’s NFT represents a lifetime pass to their festival.


Image credits: NFTNYC

Steve Aoki After Party Set

Steve Aoki played at the NFT.NYC after-party.


Image credits: NFTNYC

Final Thoughts

The event successfully managed to bring together the global NFT community, as well as to onboard new users. The quality and variety of talks, venues, art galleries, and events, made it one of the top events thus far. With top celebrities such as Madonna and Steve Aoki to attend the NFT conference, and it sure made an impression.

NFT NYC surely deserves its title of the leading NFT conference worldwide. 

Thank you & see you next year!

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