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Colizeum Investment Announcement

May 16 2022
Crypto Community
Gravity Team
3 minutes
Gravity Team is excited to announce joining the $8.4 million funding round for Colizeum led by industry veterans, such as Deribit, SevenX Ventures, Axia8, LD Capital, and Genblock Capital.
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We are glad to be making our mark in supporting the growing web3 gaming ecosystem through investment in Colizeum, and making mobile esports accessible to everyone. Colizeum is a promising project with an expert team behind it.

The founders of Colizeum are also makers of the Huawei award-winning game “Dystopia: Contest of Heroes,” featuring UFC champion Conor McGregor, and played over a million times. This “Best Strategy Game of 2020” by Huawei AppGallery was also among the first to incorporate Colizeum SDK and enable its in-game assets to become NFTs.

Dystopia contest of heroes poster

Image credits: Huawei

About Colizeum

Colizeum is a decentralized gaming app store run by a community that binds the web2 and web3 gaming experience, and enables the implementation of a Play-2-Earn economy into any game.
Colizeum revolutionizes how developers benefit from their games while allowing players to earn simultaneously. This technology benefits mobile game developers who struggle to monetize and scale their games, as well as gamers who can earn rewards from playing and owning their gaming assets.

As Colizeum Co-Founder Davis Ziedins puts it:

“Our mission is to build a set of tools that lets any traditional game developer to broaden their game monetisation methods by implementing tokenized games modes and Play-2-Earn economy in their existing and future games and at the same time to unlocking new gaming markets.”


Picture Credits: Colizeum Crypto

Colizeum’s Value Proposition

Both gamers and developers benefit from the adoption of the Colizeum platform. Let’s explore some of the advantages for both parties.

Colizeum benefits for gamers and game developers

All of the above and more can be achieved with Colizeum’s SDK (Software Development Kit), a frictionless shortcut for game developers wishing to integrate tokenization and P2E without hiring blockchain developers.


The platform’s token is called $ZEUM, trading at a discount compared to its launch, at a current market price of $0.0243, and a fully diluted market cap of $24,391,258.

ZEUM is also Colizeum’s governance token, meaning its holders have the opportunity to decide the platform’s future by voting on or proposing protocol changes.

Other features that $ZEUM holders benefit from are:

  • Staking;
  • Player card minting;
  • In-game NFT minting;
  • Participation in game tournaments;
  • Ad placements in Colizeum’s marketplace.

Future Roadmap

In terms of future steps for the platform, Colizeum is en route to bring the proposed marketplace of digital gaming assets to life, as well as all the functionalities needed to tokenize game objects into tradable NFTs.

colizeum roadmap

The following milestones are:

  • Launch SDK Beta by June 30th, 2022
  • Drop Genesis NFT by Q2-Q3 of 2022
  • Launch Colizeum Marketplace by Q2-Q3 of 2022

The expert team, unique value proposition, market need, and vision for the future are some of the factors that attracted us to Colizeum and made us believe in the platform’s and team’s future potential. 

We are glad to have partnered and invested in Colizeum, supporting their growth journey. 

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