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Junction 2022 Hackathon Challenge Partner

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We are excited to announce our partner-level sponsorship of the Junction 2022 conference, the crown jewel of international hackathons.
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About Junction 2022

From November 4th-6th, Junction will bring together over 200+ volunteers and 1300 participants that will face 7+ tracks, and 20+ challenges in a weekend-long experience. It will gather tech enthusiasts from all over the world to Finland to create the latest technology in a unique environment and atmosphere.

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After switching to hybrid events throughout the pandemic, Junction is taking the event back to its roots with Junction 2022, fully live, gathering people from all over the world in Finland.

How Tracks Work

The hackathon is divided into tracks based on different industries and themes. All tracks include multiple challenges that you can choose to work on during the hackathon. A project can be presented to multiple challenges on different tracks, but can only compete for the victory of one track. 

Among these 20+ challenges, one of these will be given to the participants by the Gravity Team.

The winners of the challenge will be chosen by each of the partner companies. The winners of the tracks and the winner of the Main Prize will be chosen by the participants through peer review.

Gravity Team Challenge: Crypto Trading Helper

We challenge the hackathon participants to build a crypto trading helper. Do your best to build a creative crypto trading helper to support us where others fail! Winning prize? An epic challenge, feedback and 2 ETH!

Gravity team junction 2022 challenge

How to Apply

Regular applications are open from 15th September to 16th October.

The only criterion of acceptance is that you have to be a techie in one way or another, whether a coding wizard, a designer, or a business mind looking for new technological experiences.

No matter your background, if you want to create and innovate, you can apply.

Many factors are considered in the application process but mainly skills and motivation are taken into account.

You can apply with a team or on your own, but all team members must apply and be accepted as well. Junction also makes sure to help you find a partner or two at the event if you need them.

You can apply here.

Traveling to Junction 2022

Junction will distribute refunds of expenses to attendees as it has done in past editions.

Grants are a way to help participants who will come to bear part of the travel expenses.

Depending on the distance and the cost of the trip, refunds can be up to 100 euros and can only be used by those who will deliver the final project.

Good Luck & See You at Junction 2022!

We look forward to attending this event and presenting our challenge that will surely bring out the best in you.

We are very curious to know how you will face our challenge & to see the solutions you will propose!

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