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European Hit Radio Interview about NFTs

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Our Co-Founder & CTO Kriss Pujats went on the European Hit Radio to talk all things #NFT with one of the most well-known NFT and street artists from Latvia, Kiwie.
European Hit Radio Interview about NFTs Kriss Pujats Gravity Team

NFTs, Digital Ownership and More.. 

During the interview, our Co-Founder and CTO Kriss Pujats and Kiwie spoke about

📍 What are NFTs & what can they be used for
📍 The story behind KIWIE 1001 & the fat monster character
📍 Types of NFT memberships, such as the Bored Apes Yacht Club
📍 Kiwie’s story of a party in NYC with Steve Aoki & the Major of NYC that allowed entry only with your NFT
📍 Whether digital and physical environments are in competition with one another?
📍 What are the factors that make up the prices of NFTs?
📍 Price pumps and how /why they happen
📍 Bored Apes Yacht Club NFTs being compared to the newest Rolex / Lamborghini model, it’s a new way to show off status
📍 Generative art – buying a character that will be from a certain collection but you don’t know how it will look like before buying it as its generated by a computer
📍 The results of the game: create the fat monster that will live in EHR studio

To find out about the above and more, watch their interview below (in Latvian):

Thanks European Hit Radio for having us & Kiwie for an awesome discussion!

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