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Weekly Crypto Market Insights – 19th December

Weekly Crypto Markets Insights
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Prepare your coffee - it's Monday & time for the Weekly Crypto Market Insights! We collected the top news & market metrics, so you don't have to.
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What’s trending.. Trump’s NFT collection sold out, OKX withdrawals were halted, and Mazars stopped auditing work for all crypto clients, among many other news presented below..

The SBFs drama continues with:

  • SBF was arrested by the Bahamian authorities
  • Three exec’s that could’ve sent user funds to Alameda: SBF, director of engineering Nishad Singh and CTO Gary Wang. 
  • How creditors can get money back from FTX: target large institutions that may have known FTXs situation & failed on their fiduciary duty, such as Silvergate.

On the bright side: 

  • Building in the crypto space & fundraising continues – most newsworthy being Amber Group’s Series C $300M raise, $100M raise led by a16z for web3 privacy firm Aztec Network, and $3.5M raised for NFT Infrastructure protocol Decent. 
  • Decent growth in South America for Bitso, driven by solid demand for stablecoins.

On the regulatory side:

  • G20 leaders in talks to prepare an agreement of policy for crypto assets
  • CBDC digital euro included as a legislative priority for 2023 and 2024.

You can find a complete list with a link to each news scoop at the end of this article.

Market Overview

The global crypto market fell by -4.80% WoW. Bitcoin is trading at $16,726 , down by -1.26%, and ETH is down by -5.05% WoW, trading at $1,183. 

Key Market Metrics

Global Crypto Market Cap fell by -4.80% WoW, valued now at $841 Billion. The total value locked in DeFi is at $39.63 Billion, an increase of +2.15% WoW.

Crypto exchanges leaderboard by 7 Day trading volume:

  1. Binance up by +12.61%
  2. Coinbase up by +41.43%
  3. Kraken up by +18.06%
  4. KuCoin up by +21.24%
  5. Bitstamp up by +60.21%

BTC trading at $16,626, dominance at 42.00%, up by +1.43% WoW, ETH trading at $1,183, dominance at 18.87%, up by +0.10%.

Top Gainers & Losers

Top gainers and losers in price, ranked by their total market cap, are mentioned below.

Top gainers in price this week were: TON by +35.31%, XDC by +16.32%, LEO by +6.80%, OKB by +5.89%, and BSV by +2.88%.

Top losers were: TWT by -36.76%, XCN by -32.11%, FIL by -28.76%, USDN by -27.63%, and STX by -24.73%.

Recap of the Most Noteworthy News of the Past Week

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Weekly Crypto Market Insights 19:12

weekly cryptro market insights 19:12

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