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Binance Blockchain Week Paris 2022 – What To Expect

Sep 12 2022
Crypto Community
6 minutes
Binance Blockchain Week will be held in Paris this year, expecting over 60 speakers to share their latest views on several topics from art, BNB chain, decentralized trading, tokenomics, and others. Influential speakers will also dive into how Web3 can empower charitable causes and education through Binance Charity.
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About Binance Blockchain Week 2022

Binance Blockchain Week 2022 is taking place in Paris from the 14th of September to the 16th of September to celebrate the recently granted (May 2022) French crypto license, educate and foster further the French crypto ecosystem.

Binance Blockchain Week is Expected to Have: 

  • 60+ influential speakers
  • 15+ panels & fireside chats
  • 6+ major keynotes
  • Over 4,000 attendees
  • Over 15 workshops

Confirmed Speakers at Binance Blockchain Week

Image credits: Binance 

Some of the confirmed speakers:

Binance Blockchain Week Agenda

14th September

The first day will focus on basic frameworks and foundations for the development of Web 3.0. Then, we’ll look at the work done worldwide in setting the stage for the Web 3 revolution, including government regulation and creating a home for blockchain in France. Also, on this day, there will be the chance to attend various workshops on how to educate, assess the market, create dApp, and effective PR & marketing campaigns. 

A Few Select Sessions:

  • Setting The Stage For Europe As The Global Web3 Leader
  • The French Example: How France Leads The Way For The Blockchain Ecosystem
  • Regulation: How Can It Drive The Crypto Revolution?
  • The Next-Gen VC
  • How I Built My Web3 Unicorn
  • Building Web3 Communities

Some Select Workshops: 

  • Sustainable Play-To-Earn Models and What Defines A “Metaverse” – Vulcan Forged
  • Learn & Earn Live – Binance Academy
  • Building An Effective PR And Marketing Campaign – CoinDesk
  • Creating a Killer Dapp: What You Need To Know – Galxe
  • How to Determine Retail Market Sentiment – CoinMarketCap

15th September 

During the second day, several topics from art, BNB chain, decentralized trading, tokenomics, and others will be discussed. Influential speakers will also dive into how Web3 can empower charitable causes and education through Binance Charity.  And what would be a conference in Paris without addressing fashion and art? 

A Few Select Sessions:

  • Bringing Pop Art To Web3
  • A Web3 Tour of BNB Chain (Showcase)
  • The Intersection of Fashion and Technology
  • The Emergence of Decentralized Trading
  • Co-Existing With Traditional Finance
  • Closing Comments By CZ

Some Select Workshops: 

  • An Introduction To Tokenomics – Binance Research
  • The Future Of Liquid Staking – ANKR
  • In It Together: Building Web3 Communities – GALA
  • Using Blockchain For Good In The Community – Binance Charity
  • Getting to Grips With Crypto Payments – Binance Pay

16th September

Paris is a global cultural hub. Web3 wants to support and enrich the worlds of fashion, art, and everything innovatively. The third day of the conference will allow participants to look forward to what the future could hold if we were building our world with Web3’s principles in mind.

A Few Select Sessions:

  • Creating Safe And Strong Web3 Communities
  • Meet Your Binance Guardian Angels “Awareness of Angel Program”
  • Take Your Web3 Career On-Chain With Binance
  • Binance Labs’ Top Funding Tips

Other Things To Do

From what we know so far, Binance Blockchain Week is anticipated to be one of the  hottest Web3 events of the year, filled with:

  • Giveaways


The event will also have fun activities for in-person participants and online participants! In addition, the conference will host plenty of activities where participants can try their luck to win fantastic prizes. 


As a special gift to all Binance Blockchain Week Paris attendees, all ticket holders will receive a Proof of Attendance Protocol (POAP) as a souvenir of their attendance. Moreover, the POAP NFTs come in different rarities: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Each rarity offers a different number of activity points ticket holders can redeem for Binance Tokens (BUSD), Mystery Boxes containing NFT goods, and virtual gifts. 

Attendees can also grab some Binance swag at the Swag Station and access discounts on the following events! 

Final Thoughts

This is looking to be an exciting celebratory week in Paris, bringing together 4,000 bright minds that are eager to build the future of finance.

Binance Blockchain Week Paris edition is set to empower the blockchain community with the latest innovation and technology, while promoting education and awareness.

We are looking forward to networking, tons of learning opportunities, and taking part in acceleration of Web3 adoption.

See you at Binance Blockchain Week! 

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