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HashUp Early Stage Investment Announcement

Jul 11 2022
Crypto Community
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We are glad to share the news of our early stage investment in HashUp - the decentralized games marketplace and publishing platform that gives gamers freedom and developers new earning opportunities.
Hash Up investment announcement

About HashUp

HashUp is a game distribution platform hosted on the Ethereum blockchain that can combine the games’ physical license with the ERC20 standard to create the ERC20 Cartridge. One unit of ERC-20 Cartridge equals one copy of the game, and its token can be held in the gamers’ cryptocurrency wallet. This technology enables a direct connection between the player and the gamer without third-party retailers and distributors.

Comparison between different types of distribution of games

Image Credits: HashUp

The platform positions itself as a solution to one of the gaming industry’s biggest problems and aims to make the gaming release process as smooth as possible for all parties involved. Game creators and producers can publish their games by creating a GameContract in 5 minutes. 

Additionally, HashUp is the first blockchain explorer for gamers, where they can view other players’ transactions, items, and collected NFTs. Gamers can also vote for video games on the platform and leave comments on game pages and gamers’ profiles. As in a social network, they can follow influencers and befriend fellow players. 

HashUp wants to make games transactional and allow asset-alike operations. On the platform, gamers can buy and play games, borrow them, and later, if they wish to, they can also sell games. Since games become assets, HashUp wants to provide a solution similar to CoinMarketCap, where video games are listed according to their prices. The goal is to rank these games based on their actual value.

The New Distribution Model

In their own words:
HashUp is a brand new and innovative platform that combines advantages of physical and digital game distribution, giving gamers freedom and developers new earning opportunities.

We want to make the software distribution market transparent and fair, following the will of gamers and developers. Our distribution model allows you to swap games.

hashup new game distribution model

Image credits: HashUp

HashUp’s Roadmap

Regarding the platform’s future steps, the main one is to launch, the previously mentioned platform. This would be the first price and value tracking website for decentralized software licenses.

Moreover, other goals include:

  • Launch of – first blockchain explorer for gamers;
  • GameContract – devkit for game developers and publishers;
  • Top CEXs partnerships;
  • Top crypto and gaming partnerships;
  • Listing on DEX;
  • First AA+/AAA game premier;
  • – computer games’ ranking;
  • Listing of 50+ games, among others;

Hashup roadmap Q2 Q3 Q4 2022

Image Credits: HashUp

HashUp at TechChill Conference

Gravity Team believes in the future potential of HashUp and is glad to support the team and platform along its growth journey. Thus, to help with raising awareness for HashUp and educate the tech community, we invited the CEO and Founder, Szymon Jankowski, to be a speaker at our “Web 3 & Metaverse by Gravity Team” content vertical at TechChill. It was a pleasure to have you as a speaker.

Gravity Team and HashUp at TechChill 2022


When deciding on each early-stage VC investment, we carefully review the founding team. HashUp has an experienced team on board with a great vision to further advance the gaming industry’s distribution model. A few words about their core team:  

  • Szymon Jankowski, CEO and Founder. He’s also building a partner in venture building of the Blockchain Alliance & Acceleration Hub that aims to build crypto Silicon Valley in Warsaw. But above all, he is a fighter for freedom with an unstoppable code. As he said in the TechChill panel talk on Democratizing Gaming: “It’s easier to make a community when that community owns you”.
  • Filip Szydłowski, COO/CLO. His background is as a Lawyer and Product Manager in various Polish start-ups. Filip is a big cryptocurrency supporter and is well experienced in working in the start-up environment.
  • Tomasz Fiema, Head of Design with ~10 years of experience in UI/UX and web design.

TechChill tweet about Democratising gaming

Image Credits: TechChill Twitter

Besides these, the core team is composed of various blockchain developers, a project manager, a business analyst, a front-end developer, and a 3D artist. Outside the core team, HashUp has various advisors, proficient in economics, business, and crypto. 

A Few Words from HashUp About Our Collaboration

“Gravity Team has been a supportive partner that has provided many opportunities to our business at an early stage of growth, be it in financing, networking, or marketing. We are extremely happy with our choice of Gravity as a business partner and can highly recommend to other crypto projects.”

Szymon Jankowski, CEO and Founder of HashUp.

We are glad to have HashUp in our portfolio of early-stage investments and are excited to support the company in its growth journey.

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