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TechChill 2022: Web 3 & Metaverse Highlights

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TechChill conference brought together 2,300+ attendees from all over the world. For the first time in 7 years, it also introduced a crypto-themed content vertical, "Web 3 & Metaverse by Gravity Team", about which we'll tell your in this article.
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About TechChill

TechChill is the leading tech event in the Baltics, bringing together more than 2,300 attendees, 300+ start-ups, and 200+ investors. The conference took place from the 27th to the 29th of April in Riga, Latvia.

Gravity Team was one of the main sponsors of the event. As such, we created the first ever crypto content vertical that brought together industry experts to discuss all things crypto.

The “Web3 & Metaverse by Gravity Team” hosted insightful panel talks on Web3 developments, the Creator economy, NFTs, Crypto Trading, Mining, Bitcoin, and much more.

Below we present an overview and key insights from the Web3 & Metaverse by Gravity Team:

  • Web3: Decentralized Creator Economy
  • Creator Economy 101
  • Prepare for Take-off: How Crypto and NFTs Could Change Air Travel
  • Traders Perspective: Creating Crypto Value
  • Crypto 2035
  • Web3: A Look Beneath the Surface

Web3: Decentralized Creator Economy

This talk was hosted solely by Ethan Pierse, the Director of The Crypto Assets Institute. In his speech, Ethan Pierse elaborated on how established brands and new businesses can gain from learning how to navigate the Web 3 space and from creating content on what he calls “the new creator economy”. “It is all about building a community” he adds while also emphasizing that right now is the perfect time to be a content creator. 

web3 & metaverse

Picture Credits: TechChill

Creator Economy 101

This talk had as guest speakers: 

  • Ethan Pierse; 
  • Kayla Kane, Digital Marketing Manager at Holaplex;
  • Luc Jonet, Co-founder of Arianee

During this panel talk, the speakers discussed NFTs, their creation and development, and their knowledgeable use to benefit businesses. As Kayla Kane added, “NFT becomes part of your identity,” which summarizes how powerful NFTs can be on self-expression and personal signaling. 

A good example of a company that keeps on top of the creator economy is Holaplex, with Kayla Kane revealing that “art is the main use case on Holaplex today”.

web3 & metaverse

Picture Credits: TechChill

Prepare for Take-off: How Crypto and NFTs Could Change Air Travel 

web3 & metaversePicture Credits: TechChill

Topics covered:
📍 NFTs adoption across the airline industry
📍 airBaltic 14,000 respondent survey results on how many have purchased an NFT
📍 NFTs application for ticketing systems
📍 how to go about innovation & NFTs adoption in any industry

In this conversation, Krišs Pujāts, Co-founder of Gravity Team, and Martin Gauss, CEO & President of airBaltic, exchanged ideas on the tokenization of businesses and, in particular, of airBaltic. “Crypto is not going anywhere. It’s staying here. Government should accept a new breed of crypto.” says Krišs, highlighting the importance of crypto acceptance and adaptation. 

They discussed the implications of harnessing crypto and NFTs on air travel businesses as airBaltic plans to launch Planies NFT, revolutionizing the traditional flier program. “The future is definitely Web 3.0” said Martin Gauss, according to PC Mag

Martin Gauss even suggested tokenizing airplane tickets, “maybe airline tickets can be NFTs.”. Obviously, many questions may follow as to how the airline will collect necessary passenger information through purchasing an NFT, among others. However, it is clear that airBaltics and Martin Gauss are on the frontline of the Web3 business transformation in the airline industry.

Traders Perspective: Creating Crypto Value

web3 & metaversePicture Credits: TechChill

Edgars Laimīte, Co-founder of Gravity Team, gave valuable insights on the trader’s perspective when involved in the Web 3 and crypto world.

Topics covered were:
💡 Order book trading solution used by trading exchanges
💡 Investment in new ventures via crypto tokens vs. traditional VC
💡 The process of finding the true value of a certain company token
💡 What do market makers do?
💡 Listing top projects on exchanges & providing liquidity

Crypto 2035

web3 & metaversePicture Credits: TechChill

The guest speakers were:

  • Alex Petrov, CTO/CSO at the Bitfury Group
  • Jānis Sprenne, Head of partnerships at Gravity Team; 
  • Kristaps Kaupe, Developer at Bitcoin Core, and; 
  • Liza Aizupiete, Manager Director at Fintelum

In this panel talk, guests spoke about the current state of mining among different blockchains, the crypto impact on the environment, and clean energy development. Additionally, they discussed Bitcoin, the implications of the Lightning Network, and the future tokenization of businesses.

Web3: A Look Beneath the Surface

This talk consisted of a conversation between: 

The two explored how Ready Player Me is navigating Web 3 issues and competition, with Timmu Tõke adding about Ready Player Me “Our vision is still the same as when we just founded the company-we don’t rely on short-term trends. We believe in long, that people will spend more and more time virtual and get better experience in science fiction, 3D and virtual reality.”.

web3 & metaverse

Picture Credits: TechChill

Final Thoughts

The crypto vertical powered by Gravity Team was a fantastic opportunity to gather expert guest speakers together under the same roof and share valuable insights and conversations with the audience.

We are really pleased with the outcome, and can’t wait for next year’s TechChill! 

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