Bitcoin Amsterdam 2022 – What To Expect

Oct 11 2022
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Bitcoin Amsterdam 2022 will welcome 3,000 attendees and 50+ speakers to its first-ever European edition conference. What to expect? Find out below!
Bitcoin Amsterdam

About Bitcoin Amsterdam

The Bitcoin Amsterdam conference will take place from 12-14th October at Westergas in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The first 2 days of the event will be a conference – bringing together top speakers to deliver workshops and panel talks. While the 3rd & last day, same as in Miami, will be the Sound Money Fest – a music festival.

Below, we present you with an overview of some of the speakers, event stages, and what to expect from each day.

Some of Bitcoin Amsterdam Speakers:

  • Adam Back – CEO & Founder at Blockstream
  • Peter Mccormack- Journalist
  • Allen Farrington – Independent writer
  • Dan Held – Bitcoin Educator & Marketing Advisor at Trust Machines
  • Matt Odell – Bitcoiner
  • Lina Seiche – Creator
  • Williem Middlekoop – Founder & CEO at Commodity Discovery Fund
  • Jemima Kelly – Columnist at Financial Times
  • Leopoldo Lopez – Freedom Activist
  • Alex Gladstein – Chief Strategy Officer at Human Rights Foundation
  • Obi Nwosu – CEO at Fedi
  • Aubrey Strobel – Host & Author at The Aubservation

Bitcoin Amsterdam Speakers

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Navigating On-site at Bitcoin Amsterdam

  • Moon Arena: the main stage with 2,500 seat capacity. It will welcome thousands of bitcoiners and the loudest names in the Bitcoin industry.
  • Sats stage: 500 seat capacity- this stage will welcome Bitcoin experts from around the ecosystem.
  • Proof of Workshop: Various workshops will focus on Bitcoin’s practical aspects at this stage.
  • The Deep: this stage is exclusive to Whales and requires a Whale pass. This stage will bring fireside chats and networking with industry experts, speakers, and sponsors.

Day 1 Wednesday 12th October

  • 9 keynote speakers
  • 9 panel talks
  • 10 workshops

The first day of Bitcoin Amsterdam will begin on the Moon Stage, and it will host the first-panel talk of the event, which will welcome:

  • Jeff Booth
  • Niko Jilch
  • Greg Foss
  • Prince Philip of Persia

After this, on The Deep stage, a Bitcoin 101 Q&A  and “ Using Volatility to your Advantage with AMDAX” session will be available for any attendee that holds a Whale Pass.

Sats Stage will hold a keynote speech by Bert Slagter, an author, researcher, and podcaster. Bert will talk about the mass adoption in Europe related to Bitcoin.

And because the first day cannot start officially without a workshop, the Proof of Workshop stage will welcome Williem Cornax, who will give an introduction to Austrian Economics.

Back on the Moon Stage, Aaron van Wirdum, Paul Sztorc, and Adam Back will have a fireside chat session about “The Future of Sidechains.”

The ending of the first day will culminate with a “Whale Night” dedicated to attendees that hold a Whale pass.

Day 2 Thursday 13th October

  • 4 keynote speakers
  • 9 panel talks
  • 6 workshops

The next day of the Bitcoin Amsterdam will start on the Moon Stage with keynote speaker  Kalle Rosenbaum discussing “Adversarial Thinking.”

At the same stage, “Bitcoin’s Media Problem“ will be discussed by panelists such as:

  • Daniel Prince
  • Pete Rizzo
  • Joe Hall
  • Izabella Kaminska
  • Jemima Kelly

After these debates, attendees that own a Whale Pass can move to The Deep stage to learn how to use “Bitcoin For Employee Benefits With AMDAX” and to learn about “Bitcoin & The Cashless Society,” which will have the following panelists:

  • Bert Slagter
  • Alex Gladstein
  • David Zell

Moving back to The Moon stage, Katie Ananina, and Jessica Hodlr will host a fireside chat about “Short the State.”

After the fireside chat, attendees will be welcomed to attend the Proof of Workshop stage to see Lawrence, aka Lando Rothbardian, who will discuss ShopinBit.

Toward the end of the day, Sats Stage will have keynote speaker  Tycho Onnasch speaking about “The case for DeFi on Bitcoin.”

At the same stage, the following panelists will talk about “The Bitcoin Privacy Debate.”

  • Max Hillebrand
  • Giaccomo Zucco
  • Matt Odell

Day 3 Friday 14th October

The last day of Bitcoin Amsterdam will be dedicated to the “Sound of Money” bitcoin music festival, which will take place on the Moon Stage. It will be the perfect culmination after a few full days of learning, knowledge sharing & networking.

The festival will welcome DJ sets from:

  • Tonno Disko
  • Zwarte Koffie
  • Zoe Janssen
  • Moody Mehran

Bitcoin Amsterdam 2022Image credits: Bitcoin Amsterdam

Final Thoughts

After visiting this year’s conference in April in Miami with 25,000+ attendees, it will be exciting to see also a compressed version with 3,000+ attendees of this legendary conference.

We looking forward to seeing the first European edition of the Bitcoin conference this week!

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