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Solana Breakpoint – What to Expect

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Solana Breakpoint returns in Lisbon, Portugal, between 4th-7th November with 100 sessions, 70 speakers and 70+ side events expected.
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About Solana Breakpoint 2022

The first Solana Breakpoint conference took place in 2021, gathering the ecosystem for a first-ever, real-life global celebration. 

Now, a year later, Solana is bringing its community together again to learn, build and connect. Builders, enthusiasts, and crypto passionates are meeting to share innovative ideas and accelerate the growth of the blockchain.

Solana Breakpoint in Numbers:

  • 100+ panel discussions and workshops
  • Over 70 speakers
  • 70+ side events

Solana Breakpoint 2022

Image credits: SolanaBreakpoint

Getting Around Solana Breakpoint

The event will be spread out across 4 venues in Lisbon to showcase the best of what Lisbon has to offer. 

  1. Carlos Lopes Pavilion
  2. Pateo de Gale
  3. Teatro Capitólio
  4. Convento Do Beato

Solana Breakpoint 2022

Some of Solana’s Breakpoint Speakers

  • Brandon Millman – CEO at Phantom
  • Brendan Eich – Co-founder & CEO at Brave Software, Inc.
  • Canaan Linder – CEO at Stardust
  • Carl Anderson – VP Engineering at Ledger
  • Carrie Kellar – Co-Founder/CTO at BAXUS
  • Chase Barker – Head of Developer Ecosystem at Solana Foundation
  • Chris Nagy – Founder at Soap
  • Chris Osborn – Founder & CEO at Dialect
  • Chris Remus – Founder at Chainflow

Solana Breakpoint 2022 Speakers

Image credits: SolanaBreakpoint 

Solana Breakpoint Agenda

Solana Breakpoint 2022

Solana Breakpoint will spread across several venues for four days in Lisbon, Portugal. 

Solana prepared a series of side events and panel discussions with crypto experts, founders, and CEOs. 

The first day of Solana Breakpoint will host the “Welcome to Breakpoint” in the Pateo Da Gale venue. The day will continue with a total of 38-panel talks, spread across different venues such as Carlos Lopes Pavillon and Teatro Capitolio, besides Pateo Da Gale venue. 

The second day will feature interactive workshops where participants can learn how to build their own ZK app on Solana in a few minutes or understand the hacker houses’ logic.

The final day of SolanaBreakpoint will bring some blockchain automation discussions and how Web3 messaging will overcome Web2.

More details and information about Solana Breakpoint Agenda is available on their website

Side Events at Solana Breakpoint

Over 70+ side events will occur before, during, and after the conference. There will be side events for every interest and taste, from NFT, Women in Web3, Proof of Physical Work, Staking, DeFi Maximalism, Hackathons, and many more, taking forms from dinners, happy hours, and parties.  

Solana Breakpoint 2022

Image credits: Solana Breakpoint 

Here are a few of the side events that caught our attention:

  • MonkeDAO x OpenSea Event 
  • Proof of Physical Work by Hivemapper, Helium, and Multicoin Capital teams
  • Women in Web 3 by Degenape
  • Lisbon Solana NFT meetup 
  • The Bear Market Rally – a go-kart race for the Solana ecosystem. 
  • Staking Summit 
  • DeFi Maximalism


Solana Breakpoint 2022 Side Events

On top of these side events, on 8th November, Solana Breakpoint will host another Closing Celebration that will officially represent the event’s wrap-up.

For more information, such as dates, locations, and timings for each of the events, check out the full list here

Final Thoughts

Solana Breakpoint is the ultimate event of the year for the Solana ecosystem. After a year of hacker houses around the globe, from Bahamas to Austin, Paris, London, Seoul, and many more, it’s all culminating in Lisbon for a weekend full of learning, building, and connecting. 

Whether you’re a builder, crypto enthusiast or expert, company CEO or Founder, Solana Breakpoint looks like an event that shouldn’t be missed!

Gravity Team looks forward to Solana Breakpoint and the many announcements expected this weekend.

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