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Investment in Stapes – Immersive Vibroacoustic Bed

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We are happy to announce that Gravity Team has invested in a new and innovative vibroacoustic therapy bed company: Stapes!
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About Stapes

Stapes is focused on creating relaxing and stress-reducing experiences through immersive vibroacoustic sound beds. These beds are based on the latest virtualization technology that takes into consideration our multiple senses:

  • Sight; 
  • Hearing;
  • Touch.

By combining sound vibration with virtualization technologies, it is possible to mimic the activities or processes that promote the release of endorphins to reduce stress in 15 minutes.

Stapes vibroacoustic bed

Picture Credits: Stapes 

One of the company’s propositions is to hack the Multisensory Integration of the human body. Multisensory Integration stands for the process in which information from different sensory systems is combined to influence the way we perceive reality. 

By creating bed structures with a particular surface design, speakers, and 360 visuals, Stapes is able to transmit sound faster and with precise synchronization so that what you hear influences directly how you feel about yourself and the environment around you.

A person using the Stapes vibroacoustic bed

Picture Credits: Stapes 

Stapes is already getting some recognition without yet even starting the sales process. The company won the Latvian Creative Business Cup, and was competing internationally in Copenhagen, Denmark. 

Twitter post about Stapes

Picture Credits: Janis Siders LinkedIn post

Next Steps

Since winning the competition, Stapes has been taking pre-orders from the 1st of June onwards until direct sales begin.

Also, the company got into the Magnetic Latvia Creative Industry Incubator by Investment and Development Agency of Latvia, receiving financial support for development.

The innovativeness of Stapes’ business proposition, the clear market demand for more stress-reducing experiences in this increasingly noisy world, and strong founder are some of the reasons Gravity Team believes in the company’s future success. 

We are pleased to be able to support the new businesses and projects in their growth journey. If you are acquainted with other promising startups that could benefit from Early Stage VC Funding and additional liquidity with a leading crypto market marker, let us know!


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