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96th Session of the European Youth Parliament Support

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We're delighted to be one of the main supporters of the 96th International Session of the European Youth Parliament! This year, the event brought together 200+ participants from 40 European countries to Riga, Latvia.
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About the 96th International Conference of the EYP

This summer, the 96th International Conference of the European Youth Parliament took place in Riga, the capital of Latvia. The youth conference welcomed 200 participants from 40 European countries. It was an exceptional opportunity to discuss and combat the recent issues in the European Union by presenting their ideas and sharing solutions for a brighter future for all European citizens.

The European Youth Parliament is an international youth organization in 40 European countries. In addition, “TELLUS” is represented by the Latvian Youth organization, which constantly promotes the involvement of young people regarding important political and civic issues at a European and Latvian level.

The non-governmental organization’s objective is to offer young people a debate platform where they can practice their discussions on numerous issues that Europe faces.

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Old Skills New Solutions Theme of the 96th International Conference:

This year’s conference theme was “Old Skills-New Solutions,” focusing on the relevant technology and digitalization. Twelve committees discussed the importance of technology and digitalization in different areas such as food alternatives, misinformation, climate change. It also presented a great opportunity to learn about NFTs and the use of technology in the medical sector.

Objectives of the Event:

  •  Update about the essential issues in Latvia and Europe. Come up with a proposal of solutions from the younger demographic of the European Youth Parliament.
  •  Creating a comfortable environment for participants to meet each other and exchange knowledge, learn and develop their abilities at the event.
  •  Inspire and encourage the young participant to express their opinions while promoting discussion from different points of view while consulting decision-makers.
  •  Provide a great opportunity to learn about other EU country member traditions and culture.

Conference Agenda:

First Day July 25th 

First day started with an address of the Head Organizers of Riga 2022, who spoke about the 96th International Session on the most popular morning talk show in Latvia.

NFTs: Expert’s Visit July 26th 

Around 15 people attended the Expert’s visit, where our Chief Legal Officer, Mārtiņš Puķe and others gave their expert opinion about NFTs. There were debates about NFTs and:

  • What position should the European Union have on NFTs
  • Defining the ownership rules of NFTs
  • How Regulation on Markets in Crypto Assets (MiCA) should address NFTs
  • How to avoid fraud and double-spending with crypto-assets

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Discussion “Opportunities for Young People in Tech”

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Around 100 participants joined the discussion on the “Opportunities for Young People in Tech”. 

The panel consisted of:

  • Mārtiņš Puķe, Gravity Team’s Chief Legal Officer, 
  • Kristaps Skutelis, PR director of TestDevLab, 
  • Jānis Kreilis, Co-founder and CEO af Hyperjob 
  • Arvis Zeile, Co-Founder of ENME and MakIT companies.

european youth parliament riga 2022 panel discussion

Final Thoughts on 96th International Conference of the EYP in Riga

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We’re glad to be able to contribute to such an event via expert panel discussions and by sponsorship, enabling the youth to come together and tackle important issues of nowadays. 

We value and support the youths’ opportunity to express their views and encourage them to problem-solve regarding the current European Union issues. Thus, providing them with confidence that their involvement matters and is significant in creating a progressive future.

We were moved by the interest of all the members of the Youth Parliament and their involvement and desire to provide their part for the sake of a better future. Our future is in bright hands! 

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