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Binance Blockchain Week 2022 Dubai – Key Insights

Sep 20 2022
Crypto Community
4 minutes
The much anticipated post-covid event gathered top industry professionals to discuss the state of crypto, showcase Dubai as a crypto-friendly place, and Binance’s market-leading position.
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About Binance Blockchain Week

The Binance Blockchain Week gathered over 2,500 real-life attendees and 1.5 Million+ live stream views. The 3-day conference took place from 28-30th March in Dubai to celebrate the exchange’s recent HQ move to the Gulf area.

Many high-profile crypto industry people were invited to share their views and experiences. In addition, the event showcased Dubai as a crypto-friendly place for companies and individuals due to its proactive stance on emerging technology adoption and favorable regulation and taxation for crypto.

Due to covid restrictions, this was the second IRL event organized by Binance. Its Founder and CEO, CZ, was scheduled to attend the event but briefly before the conference tested positive for Covid and could only join virtually.

Binance Blockchain Week

Key Facts About Binance Blockchain Week:

  • 2,500 attendees
  • Over 1.5 million live streams
  • Keynote speeches
  • Live panels
  • Fireside chats

Binance Blockchain Week Agenda: 

The conference started with opening remarks and a fireside chat about blockchain updates in MENA, followed by four sharing sessions that included blockchain updates, industrial trends, building relationships with Binance, and experiences from Binance, closing with a Q&A with CZ. 

Speaking of  fireside chats, Tim Grant, Head of EMEA at Galaxy Digital Holdings and Richard Teng, Regional Head of MENA Binance, talked about  what key industry stakeholders could do to move the needle forward.

Binance Blockchain Week 2022

Day 1- 28th March

Covered Crypto Ecosystem Growth – Adoption, Industry Building, and User Safety. The event was opened by  His Excellency Helal Saeed Almarri, Director-General of Dubai’s Department of Economy and Tourism. They gave a keynote speech about how government regulations and policies strongly affect the way technological innovation advances, enabling appropriate ecosystems for innovation.

After that, the day continued with keynote speeches and panel discussions such as:

  • Safeguarding the crypto and blockchain ecosystem for a bright future
  • Charting a successful blockchain career path 
  • How far away are we from true Web3 experience? 

Attendees also gathered around the fire to exchange ideas and experiences.

Binance Blockchain Week Dubai 2022

Day 2- 29th March

The second day focused on NFTs, GameFi, and the Metaverse worlds. Famous guests from the leading blockchain companies were invited, such as Animoca Brands, ANKR, Binance NFT, Messari, Ripple, The Sandbox, and WAX. In addition, speakers from the Alpine F1 team, Arowana Sports, Giants Gaming, Hypebeast, and Urban Roosters shared their opinions and improvements about crypto, blockchain, and user experience. 

Some of the panel discussions from day 2: 

  • Bringing Finance to the Masses with a DeFi Future
  • Beyond the NFT Hype (Successful Use Cases)
  • How Do You Create a Successful GameFi/Play-to-Earn Token Economy?
  • What Are the Barriers to NFT and GameFi’s Mass Adoption?
  • How the Crypto World Is Reshaping Fan Engagement
  • Growing a Blockchain Ecosystem to One Billion Users

Day 3- 30th March

Finally,  day three featured speakers from Amber Group, Antler, BlockFi, Forbes, Nexo, and TRON DAO. The program revolved around Mastering the Essentials of Crypto Investment & Trading, as well as UAE as a crypto-friendly hub. 

Mr. Khalifa Al Jaziri, Commercial Affairs Regulatory Sector Projects Advisor in UAE s Ministry of Economy, gave an opening keynote speech. He discussed the policies and initiatives that the government of the United Arab Emirates is taking to strengthen local FinTech.

A few of the panel discussions from day 3: 

  •  How Will Blockchain Change the Future of Investing?
  • Future Trends and Features for Retail Crypto Investors
  • Passive Income in Crypto- Where’s the Investment Potential?
  • What’s the Right Fundraising Model For Your Project? (VC, DAO, ICO)


The final day included another fireside chat where attendees exchanged their insights and new ideas from the Binance Blockchain Week and their new ideas that emerged from the topics discussed.

Final Thoughts

Binance Blockchain Week in Dubai was a great opportunity for Binance to leverage its market-leading position, gather top people to share insights, and increase adoption through education on crypto. It paved the perfect excuse to treat its partners and strengthen relationships.

Additionally, basing the event in Dubai allowed us to showcase the best of what the wealthy forward-thinking country has to offer – from advanced infrastructure and luxurious lifestyle to government support.

All in all, this was a much-anticipated post-covid event that offered quality content and networking opportunities. If you’re interested in doing business in the area, this is one of the year’s key events to attend. 

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