Data Scientist / Quant

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About this position

We're looking for strong data scientists who love to solve novel problems!

At Gravity Team, we are on the mission to level the supply and demand across crypto markets around the world. As a data scientist, you will dig into different data sets and try to find patterns to predict the future performance, improve our trading algorithms and models.

You are

  • A problem solver. There will be many challenges every day with sub-optimal choices. You should be able to make the best choice and measure it in terms of probabilities and expected value.
  • Focusing on results. Urge to getting things done is what differentiates between success and the rest.
  • Take initiative. As a quantitative trader you will be the driving force of company’s trading strategy. You will need to take the leap into testing new assumptions un parameters
  • A team player. We thrive together as a team! You will have to listen well and present your ideas in an environment where the best ideas win.

Your main responsabilities

  • Analyse our historic data to help predict the future outcome of trading systems.
  • Identify challenges in the system and determine which data sets will help to prove one or more solution efficiency.
  • Provide the trading and development teams with solutions to improve trading system performance and efficiency.

What we expect

  • Exceptional analytical skills, experience with processing large data sets, ability to do statistical analysis and computing.
  • Proven track record of data based decision making.
  • Good command of SQL and Python.
  • Machine Learning and programming skills are a plus.
  • Owner mindset – focus on delivering the most value to the markets and the most value to the company
  • Ability to be in the office at least 40% of the time

Our promise to you

We offer you a hands-on insight into one of the most exciting and lucrative industries today. Our work contributes to transforming the current financial industry and democratising access to digital goods across the world.


  • Team consisting mostly of seniors and an open idea meritocracy
  • Fast-moving, challenging and truly unique business problems
  • Above market average salary with a steep development curve, profit sharing is tied to your and your market performance. The upside is unlimited
  • Flexible working hours, casual work attire and startup atmosphere
  • Location flexibility down the road
  • A-class work environment at Zunda Towers offices in Riga
  • Paid meals throughout the day, drinks and snacks at the office
  • A-class business tools chosen by you

Curious to learn more?

If you have any further questions about working with us, reach out to our Head of HR – Laura!