Business Developer / Senior Banking & Expansion Lead

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  • Business Developer / Senior Banking & Expansion Lead
About this position

We're looking for strong business developers who thrive in a fast-paced environment!

At Gravity Team, we are on the mission to level the supply and demand across crypto markets around the world. As a business developer, you will stand right at the intersection of crypto and traditional finance.

You will be utilising our state-of-the-art crypto trading, and capital management infrastructure to sort out cross-border payment challenges in unique ways to revolutionise the current financial markets.

You Are

  • A problem solver. There will be many challenges every day with sub-optimal choices. You should be able to make the best choice and measure it in terms of probabilities and expected value. 
  • Focusing on results. Urge to get things done is what differentiates between success and the rest.
  • Taking the initiative. As a business developer, you will be the driving force of company’s expansion strategy. You will need to take the leap into unexplored business areas, do the research and make conclusions from available data
  • A team player. We thrive together as a team! You will have to listen well and present your ideas in an environment where the best ideas win. 

Your Main Responsibilities

  • Study our trading system and find how it can add value to the Asian and, subsequently, the Global payment system.
  • Set up the infrastructure for missing links to enable global payments and trading strategies – opening up bank accounts, and partnering up with payment companies.
  • Transitioning our fiat operations from a proprietary trading approach to service provision. This means that you will have to design and implement ways to match our flow of fiat with global cross-border payment demand.
  • Work with our legal and finance teams to ensure that our banking and payment counterparties have all the necessary information to instill trust and compliance.
  • Work with our legal team to assess regulatory frameworks of target markets.
  • Connect crypto and traditional finance in a way never done before. And then convince everyone (internally and externally) that it works.
  • Go into (sometimes technical or operational) detail where needed – this could be reading banking contracts, getting up to speed with a specific payment regulation, or looking at payment data to optimise payment routing.

What We Expect

  • Exceptional analytical skills, experience with opening business units in different areas around the globe, with a focus on Asian countries.
  • Proven track record of data-based decision making.
  • Experience and expertise with commercial, regulatory, and operational matters in payment partnerships – with a focus on SWIFT, and Asian payment systems.
  • Ability to evaluate, build and come up with new payment solutions.
  • Highly detail oriented, but keeping the focus on the big picture.
  • Expertise and understanding of how payment systems / central banks and financial institutions operate and have what it takes to manage and improve relationships with them.
  • Ability to travel as often as needed, either to our headquarters or to develop business and partner relationships anywhere else around the globe.
  • Relationship management in financial institutions or experience working with payments product management will be considered a plus.
  • Crypto industry expertise will be considered a plus.
  • Culture alignment: owner mentality, healthy level of ambition and hunger, willingness to work hard including non-standard hours, prepared to take calculated risks, and have some “skin in the game” typical of early startup employees

Our Promise To You

We offer you a hands-on insight into one of the most exciting and lucrative industries today. Our work contributes to transforming the current financial industry and democratising access to digital goods across the world.


• Team mainly consisting of seniors and an open idea meritocracy.
• Fast-moving, challenging, and truly unique business problems that have the potential to shape the course of the future of finance.
• Above average market salary with a steep development curve. Profit sharing is tied to your and your market performance. The upside is unlimited.
• Yearly inflation indexation.
• Flexible working hours, casual work attire, and startup atmosphere.
• Location flexibility.
• A-class business tools chosen by you.

Curious to learn more?

If you have any further questions about working with us, reach out to our Head of HR – Laura!