TOKEN2049 London-What to Expect

Nov 8 2022
6 minutes
After a successful conference in Singapore in September, TOKEN 2049 is once again gathering the global crypto community of 2,500+ attendees together, this time in London from 9-10th of November.
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About TOKEN2049 London 

TOKEN2049 is one of the most prominent crypto conferences organized annually in London and Singapore. TOKEN2049 London will take place between 9th-10th November in Magazine London, an on-point venue for TOKEN2049’s magnitude. The venue has artistic influences with designated space for large gatherings and a view of the river Thames and Canary Wharf.

The leading personalities and Web3 experts will take the stage to share the upcoming developments in the industry. The conference expects over 2,500 attendees and 100 speakers, along with 100 sponsors.

TOKEN2049 is Expected to Welcome:

  • Over 2,500 attendees
  • 1,000+ companies
  • Over 100 speakers
  • Over 100 journalists
  • Over 100 sponsors

TOKEN2049 London 2022

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A Few of the TOKEN2049 Speakers:

  • Stani Kulechov – Founder and CEO at Aave
  • Kathleen Breitman – Co-Founder at Tezos
  • Uri Kolodny – CEO at StarkWare
  • Dan Tapiero – Founder and CEO at 10T Holdings
  • Max Boonen – Founder at B2C2
  • Sebastien Borget – COO and Co-Founder at The Sandbox
  • Min Teo – Managing Partner at Ethereal Ventures
  • Eric Wall – Blockchain Researcher
  • Niraj Pant – General Partner at Polychain Capital

TOKEN2049 2022

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TOKEN2049 Agenda Summary 

TOKEN2049 London will take place between 9th-10th November and will spread across the Main Stage and Stage 2. Both stages will cover a wide range of topics, such as Metaverse, NFTs, DeFi, Web3, DAOs, and Global Macro, to name a few. 

These two days at TOKEN2049 London will showcase 89-panel talks and keynote sessions. 

TOKEN2049 2022

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9th November – Day 1 

The first day starts with the “Welcome to TOKEN2049 London,” which will take place on the Main Stage. 

Straight after, Carmen Tan, the Global Strategy Manager at CoinW Exchange, will break the ice on Stage 2  for the day’s first keynote about “How to Profit from Crypto.” 

On the same note, but at a different stage, Michael Lau, the Global Head of Sales at Bullish, will hold a keynote about “The Innovation Trajectory of Blockchain & Crypto” on Stage 2.

Some of the Panel Talks of Day 1 Main Stage 

  • Crypto Investors Roundtable: Latest Outlook, Trends, and Narratives
  • DeFi: Past, Present, and Future
  • The Interplay Between Crypto and Global Macro

10th November – Day 2 

TOKEN2049 London will start the second and final day of the conference with another welcome on the Main Stage. After this, the panel talks and keynotes will begin flowing. 

Some of the Panel talks of Day 2 Main Stage 

  • The Evolving Crypto Regulatory Landscape
  • Crypto Venture Capital: Investing through Booms & Busts
  • Gatekeepers: The Evolution of Crypto Exchanges

Side Events

Each day of TOKEN2049 will culminate with a “Networking Drinks” session. In addition, from 7-13th of November, London Crypto Week is taking place with 70+ side events to pick from.

london crypto week events token 2049

Image credits: London Crypto Week

Final Thoughts

Proclaimed as a “premier crypto event,” TOKEN2049 has raised the bar for any crypto event conference. Over 100 journalists will be there to take notes and mark the most attention-grabbing talks and keynotes. 

So far, we can expect leading voices such as CEOs, Founders, or Co-Founders from the crypto community who will be ready to share their expertise and touch on different subjects and current problems or developments. 

After a great experience in Singapore, we’re looking forward to see what TOKEN2049 will bring.
See you there! 

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